About the Paradigm

IO Paradigm means the application of technological innovation to a societal area. It represents the Innovation (I) On (O) the application of technologies able to solve specific issue/concern of citizens or society.

The paradigm is materialised in an artefact, typical an ioSolution through the application of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept. The artefact must be responsive and allow the operation of services, and the resolution of real problems of the society without being necessary bought new equipment. The user can consume a set of services through its own device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, television, among others).

ioSolution must be pervasive, innovative and use concepts associated with machine-learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality, thus enabling the development of Smart Progressive Web Apps.

How does it works?

IO Paradigm follows restricted research methodologies in order to find the most suitable solution.

A research process is activated when a problem is found. First, it is necessary to identify the problem and define an action plan correctly. Then it is obligatory to analyse the problem, think and research for possible solutions. The third phase is the process of design and developing the new artefact. After the artefact is ready is time to implement and assess it. Finally, the artefact is deployed and presented to society. This artefact is accessible anywhere, anytime to anyone using any device. The ioSolution are then available at the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Where can we apply it?

IO Paradigm can be applied to any area of society. ioSolutions can be used to simplify business processes or solve real issues. It can be applied in schools, hospitals, associations, stores among others. In fact, this paradigm can be implemented in any area where it is necessary to simplify the business process and approximate the organisations to their clients/users.

Who will benefit from it?

All solutions are people-centred, and there are two benefits: companies and citizens. ioSolutions are available to anyone and any time of service. Companies can acquire io solutions to simplify the interaction process with their customer (citizens) and consequently improve their business process. Companies provide services through ioSolutions and citizens are the final user of ioSolutions.

Who can/is implementing this paradim?

Any company or person that has the will to innovate and create new technological solutions should follow this paradigm. This paradigm is the ideal for anyone who wants to make the difference and follows this idea. Much more than a product or a service, the finality is disseminating and implementing the IO (Innovation On) paradigm.

How are the solutions identified?

ioSolutions can be easily identified due to their "branding". The prefix io composes each ioSolution name preceding a word representative of the solution (e.g., ioEduc - Innovation On Education). The word identifies the solution type/focus. The product name is in English since the English language is the one with the most speakers in the world.